ThyssenKrupp Company Licence

This web page is provided by Peters Research Ltd for ThyssenKrupp users of Elevate

Installing the software

Elevate 8 is available here.  The manual can be accessed from the Help menu.  Please ensure that you are logged on as an administrator when you install the program.

Unlocking the software

Each installation generates a unique serial number which is displayed when you first start the program.  To unlock the software, enter the serial number into this form. If you have an authorised email address, you will be sent an unlocking code immediately by email.  If not, please contact your IT department.

About the licence

ThyssenKrupp has a global site licence for Elevate.  Unlocking codes may be requested for copies of Elevate installed on ThyssenKrupp-owned computers for use by only by ThyssenKrupp employees.  Inappropriate use of the software contravenes the agreement between ThyssenKrupp and Peters Research Ltd., and is illegal.  All requests for unlocking codes are monitored.