Recommended Books

CIBSE Guide D Transportation Systems in Buildings 

The purpose of the CIBSE Guide D: Transportation systems in buildings, is to provide guidance to practitioners involved in such systems. Guide D should also be of interest to architects and developers, along with facilities and building managers who may not be directly concerned with the design and installation of lifts and escalators but need to understand the advice offered to them by specialists. Not least, the Guide should be of value to students embarking on a career in mechanical, electrical or building services engineering and those already practising in these disciplines who wish to enhance their knowledge through a programme of continuing professional development.

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Elevator Traffic Handbook 

Vertical transportation systems (elevators, lifts, escalators and passenger conveyors) are used in almost all buildings of more than a few stories high. Traffic design and control, namely the movement of people by natural and mechanical means, needs to be planned carefully as the costs of under provision, or over provision, are considerable and changes are not always possible.

The subject is covered in four sections. The basic principles of circulation and an introduction to lifts are set out at the beginning, and then traffic design methods are outlined, followed by an examination of control and analysis. The sections are complete in themselves with worked examples and case studies as appropriate. The latest analysis techniques are set out, and the book is up-to-date with current technology. The mathematics is simplified wherever possible and copious references are given for further study and examples.

The practising vertical transportation engineer involved with the sizing of a vertical transportation installation will find this an excellent and authoritative resource. Other members of the design teams: architects, developers and owners, will find the book a useful reference. The needs of the researchers, lecturers and students of the subject will also be satisfied by this simple presentation of the underlying theory. The practical constraints and considerations of the underlying engineering are also indicated.

Dr Gina Barney has 35 years with the lift industry, she holds qualifications of BSc MSC and PhD and is a Chartered Engineer (CEng), a European Engineer (EurIng) and a Fellow of the Institution of Electrical Engineers (FIEE). She is a member of the Guide D drafting panel of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers; English Editor of 'Elevatori'; past Chairman of the International Association of Elevator Engineers and Principal of Gina Barney Associates.


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