General Arrangement of a Traction Lift:  the Cabin; the frame; the ropes, the guide rails; the drive system; the motor; the gearbox; the mechanical brake; the sheave; the ropes; the buffers. 

General Arrangement of Hydraulic lifts.  

Notes on machine room-less lifts.

Preferred Speed and Capacities and Space Considerations

Preferred speeds and capacities of lifts; preferred dimensions; notes on speed selection; speed selection for passenger lifts.

Space considerations:  Shaft space; pit and overhead; machine room layout; critical dimensions; door openings; ISO 4190; occupied spaces under lift pits.

The Planning Process of Lift Systems

Steps in the Planning of lift systems:  Overview of the traffic design; assessing design; building usage; arrangements of lifts in groups; 

Fire Fighting Lifts

Fire fighting lifts and evacuation considerations:  How the fire fighting lifts fit within the overall fire fighting strategy for the building; fire fighting lifts; construction and operation; refuge spaces; fire fighting shafts.

Goods Lifts

Notes on goods lifts:  The need for goods lifts; preferred sizes and dimensions; rules of thumb on use in buildings and shopping centres.