Elevator Traffic

Discussion of up peak traffic, mixed traffic, and arrival rated/destination probability matrices.  Generating traffic with Elevate templates.  Using spreadsheets to generate traffic matrices for complex scenarios not addressed by standard traffic generation tools.  Examples.

Destination Control

Discussion of destination control, performance in different traffic conditions.  Comparing traffic performance with elevators using conventional control.  How and why performance is enhanced during up peak.  Implications of reducing the number of elevators on the basis of an up peak boost.  Examples.  Usability issues.  Other benefits of destination control.

High Rise Buildings

Application of Elevate to buildings with multiple zones, sky lobbies and shuttle elevators.  Discussion and analysis of double deck elevators with round trip time and simulation calculations.  Examples.

Measuring Traffic and Elevator Performance

Use of conventional traffic analyzers, assessment of output.  Elevate software tools to assist in logging of data collected manually using a team of observers.  Analysis of results and simulation based on surveys.  Additional observations to make which may impact traffic performance.  Using survey data to assess the benefits of modernization with respect to traffic performance.  Using Elevate to monitor the operation of real elevators.  Application of Elevate as an advanced traffic logging and performance analysis tool.


Discussion of the importance of kinematics including velocity/acceleration/jerk, rollback, start delay and leveling times.  Measuring and assessing kinematics.  Impact on traffic performance.  Comparing ideal and actual kinematics.  Modeling measured kinematics in Elevate.